A Cool App that Helps Identify Points of Interest!


When you’re traveling, or just in an unfamiliar place and needed to know what a particular building was, a landmark,…?  Then try out this cool app!

Start the app and enable the camera.  Aim the camera at a point of interest, business, whatever.  The app will compare this to information in it’s data base and tell you about it!

It will also provide information on places near your location.

Very handy when traveling to places you’ve never been before.  And, maybe, even places you have been before and didn’t know the details of your surroundings!

Available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Hate the Wait When Calling Customer Service?!

The team at AppTechnique found a great app for iOS and Android that can take the pain out of the wait when contacting customer service.


When you call customer service, FastCustomer waits on hold.  When they pick up, FastCustomer lets you know!

How’s that for taking the hassle out of the wait!  Available free on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.