Office Lens

Office Lens

From Microsoft, Office Lens allows you to use your mobile devices camera to take pictures of whiteboards and documents and convert the images to editable Word and Powerpoint files.

It turns your mobile device into a pocket scanner.  It also makes what you have taken a picture of easy to locate.  Try taking pictures of business cards to digitize them.  An app that we used to like, CardMunch, did this, but alas is no longer available.

You can sketch out ideas on paper, or whiteboard and then take a picture using Office Lens to capture the information for later.  You can take pictures of receipts,… pretty much any written, or printed document to digitize them.

There is also a cropping feature.

The pictures can be saved to any of the cloud drives available… like Dropbox, OneNote,…

You can select .docx, .pptx, or .pdf file types.

A good app that is available on the Apple App Store.  Check it out!

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