As pretty much anyone that is familiar with iPhone apps knows, many apps allow you to configure the app to send notifications to your phone when a specific event occurs.  New apps can send notices when a major news event happens.  Weather apps can alert you when major storms are expected.  Sports apps can be set to notify you when your favorite team is playing, or wins.  These apps, and their notifications, are ways that you can get greater value out of your expensive mobile devices.

Notifications, when used wisely, can extend the usefulness of an app as well.

A clever app that we ran across recently can make setting notifications very easy across many apps.  Hooks will send a notification for events that you request.  Hooks includes approximately 100 app references known as channels.  You can select from these channels and set the notifications that are preset in Hooks.

Setting the notifications across numerous apps is very easy.  And the really cool feature is that you don’t even have to have the individual apps loaded on your phone… Hooks will communicate with the app and send the notification you requested.  The benefit is that, if you only want notifications and none of the other function of the particular app, then you can save space on your phone!  Very cool.

The Hooks developer is adding new channels regularly.  And they’re interested in feedback for new apps to connect with.

Find Hooks on the Apple app store and make your phone even more valuable to you!!!  We have!!!