DO Button

DO Button

As our regular subscribers know, we’re huge fans of IFTT… “If This Then Than”.  It’s a great free app for setting automated tasks like sending your iPhone a daily weather report each morning.  These are called recipes and they provide recipes that they have developed.  But you can also leverage recipes that others have developed.

Well, IFTT is now, simply, “IF”.  You can set up a recipe to get a hotel wake up call, get a notice when the International Space Station (ISS) is overhead, and text you if it’s going to rain today.  The list goes on and it’s up to you to see how creative you can be with it.

AND NOW… IF has a new app… the “DO” button that allows you to set up your own button on your mobile device.  Recipes you leverage from IF, or other IF users, or ones you write, can be assigned to the DO button.  So the button can control your thermostat, your lights,…

You can have up to 3 recipes assigned to your DO button and you can swipe between them quickly to change what your DO button does.

There’s also a “Do Camera” and “DO Note”.  Check it all out at!  Both IF and DO are available for free on the Apple AppStore.

Get DOing things now!!!

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