An App for Crafted Beer, Wine, Spirits,…


We at AppTechnique are known to favor finer beers and wines and, as such, we leverage a great app that helps us find the best craft beers, wines… even coffee!

If you love craft beer, wine, spirits,… then you need to load CraftedHere!  It’s Colorado centric and provides a list of breweries, wineries, distilleries, coffee shops and canabis shops based on your location.  The view can also be optionally displayed in map form.  While Colorado centric, the app does a good job of providing information on craft breweries, wineries,… throughout the U.S.

You can identify your favorites and get additional information on each establishment… business hours and awards that they may have received for their crafts!

Additionally, the app provides information on nearby establishments.

And all of this for free!!!

There is a Pro version for $.99 that adds filtering on searches and allows business owners to to update their establishment’s information.  The Pro version also includes nearby eateries and public parks.


Note that if you give the app access to your location, even when not active, this can reduce your battery life, so only allow location access when using the app, not in the background.

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