Worldwide News in a Creative Presentation Format


One of our all time favorite mobile apps is Flipboard.

It provides news and information from around the world from numerous sources that you can customize.  Sources include USA Today, Chicago Tribune, The Atlantic, The Telegraph, Reuters, BBC World, CNN, The Huffington Post, MarketWatch, Forbes, The New York Times, The Daily Beast, Gigaom, TIME, CNN Money, TheBlaze, ESPN, Business Insider, Cult of Mac, Lonely Planet, BBC Future, Fox News, The Guardian, Mashable, Los Angeles Times, Outside, Engadget, Fast Company, NPR, SB Nation, NBC News,… OK… I’m tired and you get the picture!

What’s cool about it is that it allows you to quickly “flip” through the content using a board format.  Thus, the title, Flipboard.

We find this VERY easy to quickly review the news and information postings you request.  When you find an item that you want to read more about, you simply select that item instead of “flipping” past it.

Content is categorized into the Daily Edition, News, Business, Sports, Technology, Travel and Flipboard Picks.

It offers optional notifications that can be customized and you can post comments as well.

A great news and information app you’ll enjoy using!  Everyone we’ve told about it, loves it!

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