Make Gift Buying a Breeze


One of our top 10 favorite apps at AppTechnique, Giftster makes buying gifts a breeze.  OK… maybe some will suggest that it takes some of the mystery out of choosing a gift for someone, but the trade off is well worth it.  This is NOT a shopping app, but a way to define and organize who wants what and who gets what for those that are using the app.  Most people probably do this anyway with hand written lists, a collection of emails, or just guessing.  All of these are discrete and more difficult to share.  You know what happens… duplicate gifts, the wrong sizes, something that someone didn’t want anyway,…

The premise is that you set up the app with Groups that contain gift events… birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations,… you name it.  Then you invite people to join these groups.

Each person then creates Lists of what they want.  What’s even cooler is that they can include web links to pages/sites that show exactly what they’re interested in.  This takes that guess work out of getting something for someone, only to find out it wasn’t quite right.  And saves the person getting the gift of having to return it to get what they wanted.  Additionally, each person can also enter details like clothes sizes, favorite colors,…

The lists can be made private, shared (with those that you authorize), or public (anyone can see).

You can also create shopping lists from items from other’s lists that you reserve to indicate that you’re going to get this for someone.  This is really cool because it keeps people from getting duplicate gifts!!  And, when you buy something for someone, you mark it as purchased for others in the group to see.  Ah… but doesn’t this all mean that the person requesting the gifts then knows what they’re getting ahead of time and takes the fun out of gift giving and receiving?  NOPE… the person that asked for the gifts can’t see this activity… only others in the group that are giving the gifts!  Cool.

So, we highly recommend this app for gift giving!

Get it today for FREE on the Apple Store, or Google Play.

And start thinking about what you’re going to do with all the free time you now have that would have been spent mindlessly shopping! 🙂

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